Things I learned this week

I learned this week…

Happy baby…that there is no place for pride in Yoga.  At its core, it embodies a deep spirituality that melds body and soul through the rhythm of breath and meditation.   I’d like to tell you that I’ve connected with Yoga on a level that goes beyond just moving through the poses, but that would be a barefaced lie.  This week, as I sat poised in a slightly modified version of the open-leg seated balance pose, staring at my reflection in the wall of shame mirrors, I was struck by a sense familiarity – perhaps even a bit of deja vu.   At first, I was confused, then like a tsunami, it all came rushing back to me.   I’ve been in a similar position before  – twice actually – during the birth of my children.  Of course, at that time, my enduring degradation was overridden by my overwhelming desire to rectify my condition, and bring the little beings inside of me into the world.   And so, I sat balancing quite impressively, if I do say so myself, feeling ridiculous and very much exposed.  I tried to mentally reassure myself that I was not alone in this, after all I was surrounded by several other students, all spread eagle and I’m sure they felt every bit as vulnerable as I did.  Plus, how much worse could it get – I mean, really?   Oh, silly me.  How naive I can be sometimes.  My Yoga instructor, as if to drive home the fact that we were required to check our egos at the door, had us end class in “happy baby”.  My shame has come full circle.

…that baby tortoises have belly buttons.  Who knew?  Not me.   Check out becomingcliche’s blog entry regarding this little bit of animal kingdom trivia and much more.  Very interesting.

…that it’s quite shocking when a story I haven’t touched in quite a long time – a couple of years, in fact – resurrects itself and begins to speak to me again.  While outlining the relationship between two characters for a new story I am working on, I was suddenly reminded of two characters who I loved dearly, but could never fully reconcile their conflict.  It came to me in a burst of clarity that I can only describe as electrifying.  Looks like Max and Lola are going to get another go at it.  It’s a good thing, too.  It’s always bothered be that I came very close on that one.

…that Retribution has been making some subtle rumblings in my subconscious, as well.  This week I wrote a short filler scene despite the fact that I told myself that this story is not workable and complete and utter garbage.  Perhaps there is hope there, too.

NUP_146666_0548.JPG…that there is no place on earth as cozy as my bed when I’m sick.  I have the most comfortable bed in the world.  The only thing that can make it better is catching a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon on Bravo.   Don’t judge me.   I’m sick.

***Warning Pet Peeve of the Week***

…that I really dislike individuals that find it necessary to tell me how intelligent they are and that everyone they come in contact with loves them.  Okay, I’m all for a positive sense of self-worth, it’s what drives us to do great things, but you have to really wonder about someone who takes it to a whole other level.  Who are they trying to convince?  Me or them?

…and last but not least…this week’s awww moment is brought to you by this little “Brookesia micra” chameleon perched on a match head.  His species is believed to be among the smallest of chameleons found on Madagascar.  I just wanna hug him and squeeze him…yeah, not really.  I’m a little scared of his tongue action, but still, he’s really darn cute.