Who am I?

That age-old question first posed by the great French essayist, Michel de Montaigne, and one that bears answering.

When I began this blog, I was three years into a journey of self-discovery.  I wanted – needed – to ascertain who I was and where I was headed.  I quickly learned that to give meaning to my life, I had to step out of the periphery and into the fray.  I had to overcome my introversion.  It was scary, but this blog has been the perfect conduit. I have learned that every day is an opportunity to gain knowledge, incite, and inspiration.

Come.  Take a walk with me.  Let’s see where the road of life will take us today.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for the recent “follow” of my blog.

    You certainly seem to have an eclectic set of interests and an engaging style; I look forward to exploring your offerings.

  2. So, scrolling down your home page (I’m not really sure now how I got here), I see fabulous photos, multiple uses of the word schlep, and a sense of humor I wish I could channel to blogging – I’m signing up for more.

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