Frisco Heritage Museum

This past spring, I discovered the Frisco Heritage Museum in Frisco, Texas.   Initially, I went to fulfill an extra credit assignment given by my Western Civilization professor.  I was to view the Quanah Parker photo exhibit and answer a series of questions.  I did.  It was a fascinating lesson in the struggle between the native tribal population in Texas and Oklahoma, and the pioneers who settled the land in the mid-nineteenth century.  The photos told of the bloody toll the clash of cultures took on both sides, and chronicled the rise of the last Comanche chief from local tribesman to national statesman.

The museum is also host to a number of other permanent exhibits that highlight the city’s one hundred year history.  Who knew that this bustling economic and retail hub was once just a dusty stop on the Shawnee Trail?

To give the visitor a first hand reminder of Frisco’s rich history, the grounds are home to a handful of historical buildings that date back to it’s inception.  There’s a train depot – complete with train, the Lebanon Baptist Church, an old windmill, the Crozier-Sickles house, and the Smith-Muse house.  They are all wonderfully preserved and give an insightful glimpse into the past.

I’ve been back several times now, camera in hand.  This weekend, I stumbled across some photos I took on my last trip.   Hope you enjoy.






Author: Peggy Isaacs

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7 thoughts on “Frisco Heritage Museum”

  1. Great photos… as always.

    I was down at Fair Park this weekend and I took a look at the Train Exhibit there. The sign said it was to move to Frisco this year (the depot you saw was moved from Fair Park). I’m trying to keep an eye on things because I want to see the big rolling stock move.

      1. My Western Civ. professor is involved with the museum and said that it was going to be fabulous.

        In the museum itself, there is a history of the railroad in Frisco and they have an artist’s rendering of what the finished train museum will look like. It was pretty cool. I’m kinda excited about it.

  2. Love your photos. Have you been to the Heritage Park in Dallas? I don’t remember what it’s called for sure. It was originally called City Park, and then Old City Park. It’s fabulous, and you can get some great shots of Dallas past with skyscrapers as the backdrop, really cool.

    1. I went down to Dallas Heritage Village for the food truck fair. I was impressed. I’ve got a photo of the old schoolhouse with downtown in the background in tomorrow’s blog entry.

      1. I hope they still have docents in costume taking people on tours of the various houses and buildings. One of the houses–a Victorian–came from McKinney. I took a picture of it when it was for sale up there, before arrangements were made for it to move.

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