But I don’t wanna…

…leave the nest, Mom.

While I was trying to write yesterday, I was distracted (are you seeing a theme here) by a ruckus in my backyard.  I went out to investigate and discovered the baby birds that occupied the nest in the big tree in my front yard were taking their first tentative flights out of the nest.  They all seemed quite enthusiastic about the new experience.

All except this one.


I found him perched in my backyard tree looking quite pissy and put off by the whole ordeal.  He reminds me of that stubborn, rebellious child who lives to make his mother’s life a living hell by turning everything into a full on battle of wills.

Of course, I felt compelled to get a shot or two of him.  It’s what I do now – harass wildlife. 


He wasn’t too pleased with my intrusion, and neither was his mother…or father…who had plenty to say about my presence. 


I’m glad I don’t speak bird.