Garden Foe

I tend to get a tad behind on my outdoor chores – well, most of my chores – during the Spring.  I intend to plant as soon as the threat of frost has past, but it never works out that way.  Invariably, it is May before my beds are planted.  Last year, Texas suffered through a summer of record heat with little to no rain.  Watering restrictions were imposed and subsequently, quite a bit of my landscape perished.  The only thing to survive and flourish were the sweet potato vines I planted in one small space.  Being the lazy proactive gardener that I am, I decided that the sweet potato vine would dominate my landscape this year.  If they survived last summer, they could survive anything.  A couple of weeks ago, I marched myself down to the local nursery, bought several flats in three varieties, and proceeded to plant. 

Yesterday, I came out of my front door and found this:


…and this…


…and this…


The culprit?  This adorable little baby bunny who lives in my front bushes.


Note to self:   Bunnies are sweet potato vine kryptonite.

Author: Peggy Isaacs

This is me. Is that you?

7 thoughts on “Garden Foe”

  1. I can hear the humor in your post, but I’m sure it’s masking a lot of frustration, too! You poor gardener! I’m fairly lazy, er proactive, myself, and have stopped fighting Mother Nature and nurtured the hardy plants that will survive droughts and bunnies alike. Maybe with a little luck your sweet potatoes will grow anyway.

    1. I am frustrated. In the last couple of days, the little guy has decimated the rest of the vines. I am sure that once our summer weather pattern sets in and the temperature rises to close to 100 everyday, the plants will take off (the love dry, hot weather) and overcome the damage he’s done. It’s just a matter of waiting it out. I hope.

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