Just Write: Self-shaming Sunday update

This week I delved in and began the process of actually rewriting my WIP.  I must say that it did not go as smoothly as I’d hoped.  I am struggling with Anna’s new role.  She is less solitary in this version, more of a team player and a bit warmer, with a sarcastic wit that would have never worked originally because her entire life was molded around the desire for revenge.   That is an element of this story that no longer rests on her shoulders, but on those of another.  As such, it is important that the opening scene convey this change in personality.  The reader needs to understand the deep mutual respect and, dare I say, love, that she and her team share.  It is proving difficult because I am having trouble completely letting go of the idea of Anna that I have long held to.

I have written the scene from beginning to earth shattering kaboom, but because of the personality issue, I do not have the tone quite right.  I feel that because this is the opening, it is important for me to get it right before I move on.  Yes, I realize this is contradictory to everything they preach about momentum in basic story writing class, but I don’t give a shit.  If I don’t work out this problem now, it will plague me  down the road.

So what’s the skinny?

Last weeks’ goal:  Introduce the world to Anna and blow up the Piazza Navona.

Goal = largely met

Next week’s goal:   Work out my characterization problem with Anna and her team; write the aftermath and resulting mission; and accumulate a word count in the 5000 range.

Author: Peggy Isaacs

This is me. Is that you?

7 thoughts on “Just Write: Self-shaming Sunday update”

  1. You know, the only process-related writing rule I believe in is that you should do what works for you. Besides, I would agree that you can’t write the rest of it if you aren’t comfortable with who a main character has transformed into her. Maybe have a chat with her (in your head or a private, relatively sound-proofed room, whatever you prefer), see if you can find her voice. I’m sure it’s there, the right one, after all the time she’s spent hounding you to rewrite this.

  2. Have you ever heard of the first page characterization test? What about the five page characterization test? I find them incredibly useful. Over all tone is one of many things they address.

  3. Will she withdraw as it progresses our will she always be a team player? If she does withdraw, you don’t have to let that part go, just send it on a small vacation.

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