At the Dallas Arboretum

Over the weekend, I went with my writing group to the Dallas Arboretum to photograph the Dale Chihuly exhibit, currently on display.  It was spectacular and I took a ridiculous amount of photographs.  When I was going through them, I came across some shots I took of the creepy crawlies that make the arboretum their home.  Here are couple of those photographs.


Honeybees were hard at work all over the park and seemed to be a little camera shy.  I was surprised to see that I actually got a decent shot of one.




Unlike the bees, this little guy was in no great hurry.  He seemed more than happy to sit and pose for me.


Of course, the highlight of the trip was the sculptures. 


Just a snippet of the giant “Yellow Icicle Tower”.


“Float Boat” was one of my favorite exhibits.  It was also the hardest for me to shoot.  My inexperience is evident in this shot.  I plan to experiment with some effects on this series of photos, but that’s blog for another day.

As I said in yesterday’s blog entry, if you are in the Dallas area and have the opportunity to check out the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the arboretum, do it.