Chihuly at the Dallas Arboretum

Yesterday I went on a little photo taking excursion with my writing group.  From now until mid-Fall, the Dallas Arboretum is displaying glass sculptures by artist Dale Chihuly.  As a novice photographer, I found that while they are brilliant to behold, they were a bit overwhelming to shoot in their entirety.  So, I narrowed my focus to more intricate parts of the pieces.  Here are few of those photos.


Dallas saw a bit of rain the night before we went, so everything was dripping wet.  It made for some very nice effects.


Spider web draped across one of the exhibits.



Just a little burst of color.


These violin scrolls were my favorite pieces of the day.

A Chihuly exhibit is a must see.  To learn a bit more about him [click here].

Author: Peggy Isaacs

This is me. Is that you?

10 thoughts on “Chihuly at the Dallas Arboretum”

  1. Beautiful work! (of course). I’m a little overwhelmed by all the photos I have (and by the beauty of the exhibit). I’m not sure how I’m going to present them in my blog.

    I think it will be interesting when all is said and done (and uploaded) to look at how differently we all saw the same thing.

    1. I took a ridiculous amount of photos, too. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

      You’re right. We all look at things so differently. It should be awesome.

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