Things I learned this week

I learned this week…

…that while bears and sharks top my list of the world’s scariest creatures, Cheer Moms run a close second.  My daughter’s gym has been inundated with them the last couple of weeks.   They are like nothing I’ve ever seen, and as I watch them from the safety of my hidden corner, I can hear the voice of Marlin Perkins echoing in my ear:

Today on Wild Kingdom we travel into the barbarous depths of the neighborhood gymnasium in search of the mysterious and elusive creature called the Cheer Mom.    They are a capricious lot, social in nature, tending to move in tightly knit packs of a dozen or more.  We are in luck today, a group seems to be congregating at one end of the tumble track.   As with all of these factions, there is an alpha female among their ranks.  See how her domination of the other members is easily discernible by her superior vocalization, aggressive fist pumping, and springy ponytail.   Note the catty banter.  We believe this behavior to be both a defensive and offensive tactic used by the beta members as they jockey for the coveted top spot.  Collectively, they are fearsome.  Today they appear on edge, dissatisfied by something they see just beyond the balance beams.  An underachieving offspring?  A rogue coach?  It is unclear…

Wait…what’s happening?

They appear to be organizing for something.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say they are preparing for an attack.

Yes, they are on the move.

The rogue coach seems to be the intended victim.

Yes, they have the coach in their line of sight.

He sees them.  Note the terror that flashed across his face.

He tries to escape, but it’s too late, they have him surrounded.


The circle of life is complete.

…that my new neon pink tennis shoes are indeed the most hideous things I’ve ever put on my feet.  I know this because the young hip girl who sits in front of me in Sociology thinks they are “beast.”

…that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally going to tie the knot after spawning (and adopting) six children.  I am so relieved.  For a while there, I feared for the survival of the human race should these two forsake the sacred vows of matrimony.

…that it’s the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and the fifteenth anniversary of the debut of the James Cameron film.  In honor of this event, we have been given the gift of Titanic in 3D.  You know, because 3D makes everything better.  One might think that the use of 3D technology could  somehow allow the captain to better ascertain the enormity of his impeding doom.  Guess not.

…that Florence + the Machine’s new MTV Unplugged album moves me on a level that I can only describe as transcendental.

Drumming Song

…that there are only 3 weeks left until the end of the semester.  That means the chapter of my life known as Yoga for a Grade must come to a close.  I find myself oddly saddened by this prospect.  I’d like to believe that this is because I’ve come to understand the spiritual melding of the mind and body through meditation, physical strength, and rhythmic breath.  Unfortunately, I think my melancholy has more to do with the knowledge that I will soon lose a wondrous well of writing gold.

…that last but not least, this week’s awww moment is brought to you by Herman the Rabbit who haunts my backyard.  And, yes, I’m pretty sure that Herman is a she, but who am I to argue with my daughter over gender based names.

Author: Peggy Isaacs

This is me. Is that you?

12 thoughts on “Things I learned this week”

  1. Ugh! I’ve never liked pink anything *shivers* I’m a “tomboy” so pink is like the bubonic plague to me, lol.

    Cheer moms aren’t much different than cheerleaders. Always peppy. But hey, they sure know how to rally people up.

    1. Pink isn’t my thing either, but it isn’t often that I find shoes that work for my foot problem. I’ve had to accept that sometimes I must buy ugly shoes in colors that make me want to puke. And these shoes…so freaking ugly!

      I don’t think cheer moms are peppy at all. Speaking solely from my personal experience and observation, they are frightening. The group at my daughter’s gym snipe at their children for not performing up to par, constantly nag the coach and talk about him behind his back, and are extremely catty and competitive with one another. They are indeed a predatory breed.

      1. I have wide feet, with a deep ballerina arch, so it’s hard to find shoes that feet me too.

        Hmm, sounds like all the cheerleaders I knew. Maybe the cheer moms are wishing to be back in the spotlight again?

  2. Marlin Perkins says, “I’ll wait here in the sound truck and sip my piña colada while Jim leaps in to try and wrestle the Cheer Moms off the coach before he is torn to shreds. Remember, just as the rabid pack of Cheer Moms protect their cubs, you can protect your own children with a policy from Mutual of Omaha.”

  3. That was an awesome way to start my day. Thank you. Well of writing gold indeed. And I guess I’m officially old now, because I just shake my head at people who call things “beast”. *waves her cane around and says in a cracked, wavering voice* In my day, we just called things cool!

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