Things I learned this week (August 15-19)

So we meet again…

Happy Friday. 

Saying that makes me chuckle because I know Friday wasn’t happy, just a sad sap with an over-inflated ego and bad taste in women.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, tsk tsk.  If you’re interested you can read my character analysis of Friday here

Enough small talk.  Let’s get down to business and find out the things I learned this week.

This week I learned…

The Eagles/Cook Canyon Ranch 2011

…that The Eagles our still fabulous after all these years.

…that shoe shopping with my daughter is a total and complete nightmare.  It’s not that she wants girly shoes.  No, my kid won’t sully her feet with a pair of ultra cute Tom Hardy’s or sparkly Sketchers or fashionable flats.   She is a sneaker snob.  She knows what she wants and unfortunately, it is non-negotiable.  Neither is the color.  There will be no pink, no red, no funky neon colors allowed anywhere on the chosen shoe.  They will be blue – only the right shade will do – and white and/or gray.  This is not really something new, just something I tend to forget between shopping trips.  Perhaps next time I’ll get smart and send her shopping with her Daddy or her Uncle Rob.

Katie Ka-Boom/Animaniacs

…that a forklift is not an adequate mode of transportation when one is attempting to evade arrest.  Valuable information, indeed.

…that all of the annoying gymnastic moms have not gone away for the summer.  They’ve just been hiding out at the Wednesday night classes.  I inadvertently discovered them during a make up class.  They seemed to have multiplied and become more ridiculous.  Who would have thought it possible?

…that they use crime scene investigation techniques to track a suspect bear after an attack.   After reading this article, I can’t help but feel a tiny bit sorry for the bears.  It appears that they kill all the bears in the immediate area of the attack – before they get conclusive DNA results as to which bear is the guilty party.  I’m not a bear advocate by any means, but I am an animal lover.  I think they should at least get their day in court before they’re shot!

…that I can add brain-eating amoeba to the list of things in nature that scare the shit out of me.

…that I knew I had just cause to hate Citibank.  And hate them I do with good cause.

…that Hollywood really is out of control with this remake fetish.  This weeks latest victim – Blade Runner.  I think it’s time to stage an intervention.

…that just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water, I stumble across things like this.

…that I should “try not to take things personally.  What people often say is a reflection of them and not” me.  Taking things personally is something that I’ve struggled a lot with lately.  (Thank you to Cyril Craig for this very insightful piece of advise.)

…that I will be required to give two oral presentations this semester instead of the anticipated one.  I should have added extra deodorant to my back to school shopping list.

…that I can’t help but wonder why the media is wasting air time on Christine O’Donnell.   Oh wait.  I remember.  Ratings.  The American public loves to watch someone we perceive as ridiculous embarrass themselves in front of millions.  We are a disgusting lot of people.

…that this week’s awwww moment is better than last week because newborn kittens are just awwwwesome:

S.J. Grahm/Columbus Zoo and Aquarium via AP

Author: Peggy Isaacs

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